MK Ultra

“MK Ultra” begins conjuring up its worldview with an industrial drum loop accompanied by a foreboding bass and guitar motif and subtle stabs of synthesizer noise, setting the stage for the grim Orwellian narration that dominates the verses. Loughman’s lyrics describe a seemingly unstoppable cascade of events that builds alongside the music to deliver a cataclysmic view of a society in decline, only breaking at the choruses to passionately deride mankind’s ability to distract itself from the inevitable over a soaring melody and heavily distorted guitars.

The build continues over the subsequent verses, allowing the stomping rhythms and hypnotic verse melody to lull the listener into a trance until Loughman’s words boil over into a wall of massive riffs, synthesized noise, and his airy singing. The song closes out with a wailing guitar solo that screams over the din of fuzz and noise only to suddenly fade out at the last moment leaving only a mournful string melody to bring the song to a suitably tragic close.

Emerson Loughman Palmer

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